Don’t be fooled again this election

Don’t believe that Hillary Clinton and Trump are enemies.

We know that Bill Clinton and the Bush family or friends when Clinton was still the governor, yet during the 1992 presidential election they made us believe that they were enemies fighting against each other.   It was mostly just for show.

Now look at today.   We have heard rumors that Trump’s daughter and Chelsea Clinton are good friends.   If you look on the internet there are many pictures of the two of them  together looking very friendly.  And Trump was a registered Democrat during the time that Hillary Clinton was a senator for New York from 2001 to 2009.   You’re going to tell me that Trump never cozied up with Hillary while she was a senator.   We know that Trump donated to Hillary’s senate campaign.

Trump and Hillary may not be friends, but you must consider that they might be and not blindly believe that their enemies.   As we know from past elections, half of what politicians say are lies if not more.


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